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MyHobbiz is unique portal dedicated for Learning Hobbiz.

We provide online, offline, one to one and video training to individuals, schools and corporate companies anywhere in the world. Training on MyHobbiz is as real as face to face training by your Guru. Our specially designed syllabus for your Hobby, will make your learning process easy. We are also creating a portal where students can assess their improvement in selected Hobby. It doesn’t matter where you are located, we can provide best online hobby training.

  • We have weekday and weekend batches. Special batches for students who can take out 4-5 hours a month for Hobbiz.
  • You will learn from experienced professional in your Hobby area.
  • Your First Class is on us. You schedule your first class completely free.
  • Daily and Weekly assignments will be provided to track your progress. That’s fun too!
  • Whenever possible, we will try to provide you a stage to perform your new skill. Yes! You heard it right.
  • Referral Bonus: If you refer your friend, relative, co-worker, we will pay you a decent referral bonus.



You Save Time

Traffic in City can be hectic and time consuming. By choosing Online Hobby training, travelling time and learn your hobby from instructor.


You save Money

You are not only saving travelling cost, MyHobbiz training are also easy on your pocket.


Online but not boring Videos

MyHobbiz trainings are instructor led online training. These are not just videos but an actual person talking to you.